Thursday, February 23, 2023

Go through the analysis carefully, and do trade accordingly,

If price breaks 1820-1816 area (i.e. Support area ) and stay below 1816 area, we will place Sell order in gold with target of 1810,1804,1800,1788 & stop loss should be placed at 1833.

If price breaks 1833-35 area (i.e. resistance ) and stay above 1835 area in, we will place Buy order in gold with target of 1842,1851,1861,1872, & stop loss should be placed at 1824.

Our trading Preference

Trading tips: (Accuracy 90%)
Buy/Sell gold now @ xxxxxx
TP1 @ xxxxxx
TP2 @ xxxxxx
TP3 @ xxxxxx
TP4 @ xxxxxx
TP5 @ xxxxxx

Stop loss @ xxxxxx

Best of luck
Never risk 2% of principal to follow any position.
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Gold trading pattern

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